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Here at Legacy Landscape Construction INC. we have dedicated ourselves to giving you, our client, an experience that has not been seen or heard of before. Over the past 15 years, I have been in awe of the many landscape companies’ designs and projects. I realized quickly that I had to offer more than just a beautifully built landscape. I believe, as referenced in our many testimonies, that our customer service and client relations are second to none. We have found, that with careful hiring and the treatment of our clients with the highest of respect, that we can all enjoy coming to work every day. 

When you call Legacy Landscape Construction INC., I personally come out and talk about your needs and wants. The most important question always comes down to budget. “Budget” is usually a bad word to clients and they are initially hesitant to share.  I believe that it is the most important question and it really helps Legacy Landscape Construction INC. to offer the best service possible. Rather than trying to guess, with multiple designs and the normal uncomfortable “that’s out of our budget” comment, we try to discuss budget up front. We try to build a design that’s comfortable for the client and, if need be, we will build a project in phases to make the experience comfortable for everyone. 

After deciding to work with Legacy Landscape Construction INC.,  we come out and paint your design on the ground. This allows you, the client, to see just how big the patio, planter, lawn area, etc. will be. This also allows for any changes to be made before the building starts. I like to think that I’m a very vocal contractor making sure that communication and expectations are being met daily. There is nothing worse then collecting the final check and having a client not a 100% satisfied because of something that could have been changed or adjusted with simple communication. 

Thank you so much for investigating our company. 

Patrick Smith 

Legacy Landscape Construction INC.

Just because the install is complete and looks great doesn’t mean we are through with our commitment to quality service during and after the installation. Please call or email our Customer Service department for an immediate response from our Construction and Warranty Manager.

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